• Bayushi Kachiko

    Bayushi Kachiko

    She dresses in the finest silks and wears a thin veiled mask. Her kimono's are cut to hint at her sleek figure. She tends to answer questions with questions or cryptic answers. She is fond of flirting with the Rokugani aversion of touch.
  • Bayushi Shoju

    Bayushi Shoju

    He was born horribly disfigured and lame in his right arm. Despite this, he is a powerful daimyo, although he is never seen without his mask. He is an exceptionally skilled left-handed duelist, and a keen political strategist.
  • Bayushi Tomaru

    Bayushi Tomaru

    He is large, with strikingly handsome features and an arrogant cast to his face. Known for his direct and blunt tactics, he prefers to remove obstacles through sheer determination.
  • Doji (Seppun) Sei

    Doji (Seppun) Sei

    Her death has ignited open conflict on the Crane and Lion border.
  • Doji Satsume

    Doji Satsume

    He walks slightly bow-legged from many years spent on horseback. His stride is purposeful and direct, just like his speech. His voice is sonorous but harsh, carrying hints of a threat. His most distinguishable feature is his facial scar.
  • Hantei XXXVIII

    Hantei XXXVIII

    The reign of Hantei XXXVIII has been marked largely by a lengthy period of peace in Rokugan. The Emperor manages to keep the Clans from warring excessively, though it has taken a toll on his health.
  • Hida Jukudo

    Hida Jukudo

    A Crab samurai that prefers the crack of a tetsubo over the elegance of a katana.
  • Ichiro Akitomo

    Ichiro Akitomo

    Diamyo of the Badger Clan
  • Shosuro Rei

    Shosuro Rei

    A samurai-ko of medium height, her features are slightly puffy, like she doesn't get enough sleep. Her mask is a metal mesh in the shape of a spider web, stretching across her face, and a spider shape is cut over her left eye.
  • The Elemental Council of Five

    The Elemental Council of Five

    The Phoenix Elemental Masters of Magic