Doji (Seppun) Sei

Her death has ignited open conflict on the Crane and Lion border.


1122-June- a Lion ambassador is said to have used maho to attack the Crane ambassador Asahina Kazuma during negotiations at Shiro no Yojin. His actions have caused the death of Doji Sei, who was promised in marriage to a much esteemed Crane Samurai. The death of Doji Sei has sparked open conflict between the Lion and Crane at Shiro no Yojin. No one is sure if the skirmishes will stop, or spread further along the border.

Asahina Kazuma and Doji Sei were two prominent courtiers negotiating for peace and trying to resolve tensions between the Lion and the Crane. With her death, and Asahina Kazuma’s wounds, there are few who might bring a peaceful resolution to the conflict, before it grows beyond Imperial power to stop.


Doji (Seppun) Sei

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