Rokugan: Shadow Rising

The Story So Far... (click here to read)

imagesAOVEFZWT.jpgAstrological Interest

-Amaterasu’s Pitcher
The Pitcher, a constellation known for its falling stars, expelled three stars in a brilliant display of starlight. The strange falling stars are said to herald a new era of peace in the Empire, backed by the strength of the Fortune of Storms. Others say it marks a rise of the Mantis Clan, sons of Osano-Wo; or the Crab Clan will shortly win a telling victory against the forces if the Shadowlands.

-The Stars Fell Silent
No stars at all were visible in the city of Ryoko Owari for three days directly following the Chrysanthemum Festival (June 2-9). The Legionnaires who reported the incident claim that the sky was darkened from the constant fires in the area, but the locals are not so certain. Some fear that someone is experimenting with dark magic up in the mountains, and that their experiments are nearly complete.

torahscroll.jpgRecent History
1120-The Phoenix Master of the Void, Isawa Ujina, has disappeared completely and no one will confirm what has become of him. It is also rumored that Isawa Tadaka, the Master of Earth, is making dangerous excursions into the Shadowlands. The Elemental Masters speak of ancient prophecies and a dark lord ascendant.

1109- Wasp Clan founded

1117- Yoritomo becomes daimyo of the Mantis Clan

1119- Isawa Tadaka succeeds Isawa Gojinwa as Master of Earth

1120- Bayushi Kachiko was appointed the personal aide of the Emperor. The position has little “official” political power, as she is mainly tasked with assisting the aging Emperor in reading and compensating for his failing eyesight. She was chosen because of her devotion to the Imperial court as a Scorpion courtier.

1121- Bayushi Tomaru launches an ill-conceived attack upon the Sparrow Clan. He is repulsed and roundly humiliated by the Three Man Alliance (Fox, Sparrow, and Wasp Clans). Bayushi Shoju chastises the Scorpion for his incompetence.

1121-1122- Drought in Lion lands depletes food reserves. The situation will worsen if the Crane clan doesn’t assist.

1122-Spring- The Crane press a diplomatic matter, using their food reserves as leverage, to pressure the Lion to return Shiro no Yojin.

1122-June-Bayushi Tomaru lays siege to the palace of the Hare Clan, and accuses them of theft and murder. Only through the intervention of a Phoenix student of Void (Shiba Zejuko) and her entourage is the Hair Clan saved from total annihilation. Terms are reach that include the marriage of Tomaru to the daughter of the Hair Clan Daimyo. A mysterious coded scroll is also recovered by Scorpion Magistrates.

1122-June- It is discovered that the phoenix Master of the Void is missing. Isawa Kaede and Shiba Zejuko are the two leading Adepts of Void in the Empire, and meet to determine who shall be the next Master of Void. After a very close magical duel, Isawa Kaede assumes the title. However, the Councel of Five decides to allow the renewal of the office of Jade Champion after four hundred years of being absent. Shiba Zejuko is given the duties and responsibilities of the office, and is requested to begin an investigation into some things that greatly disturb the Councel.

1122-June- a Lion ambassador is said to have used maho to attack the Crane ambassador Asahina Kazuma during negotiations at Shiro no Yojin. His actions have caused the death of DoDoji (Seppun) Seiji Sei, who was promised in marriage to a much esteemed Crane Samurai. The death of Doji Sei has sparked open conflict between the Lion and Crane at Shiro no Yojin. No one is sure if the skirmishes will stop, or spread further along the border.

1122-July-Bayushi’s Festival (Scorpion Kami Festival) being celebrated in the city of Ryoko Owari was the backdrop of a Maho-tsuki and a rampaging oni. Whatever dark purpose the Maho-tsuki intended was cut short by the new Jade Champion and Jade Magistrates, with the help of a Crab Clan Kuni Witch Hunter. A strange, tainted and oversized porcelain mask is recovered by the Kuni Witch Hunter.


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