Bow Skills
Skill: Kyujutsu (Reflexes) (Bugei Skill)
Emphases: Yumi, Daikyu, Hankyu, Horse Archery

Characters with Kyujutsu are practiced in the Skill of shooting a bow. However, the style of kyujutsu is very spontaneous, relying on instinct rather than aim. “The arrow knows the way” is a common phrase among archers of Rokugan. This is a fast method of shooting the bow equivalent of “hip-shooting” with a bow.

Skill: Yomanri (Agility: Unicorn Only) (Bugei Skill)
The Unicorn learned this method of archery during their time spent in distant lands. This method involves careful aim rather than the instinctive aim of kyujutsu. The Unicorn have found this method to be superior to the Rokugani method and they call it by its gaijin name, “yomanri,” and all Unicorn samurai train in it. Gaijin and Naga may also use this skill.
Unicorn samurai may take time to aim their bow. For each round a Unicorn archer spends aiming (Complex Action), he gains a Free Raise on his roll to hit. An Archer can only aim for a number of rounds equal to his Yomanri Skill.
To hit a moving target, the archer must take a Raise on the attack roll. The downside of this technique is the stillness it demands on the part of the Archer: use of this skill is considered a Full Attack, thus lowering your TN to be hit by 10 and giving the archer a +2K1 bonus to the roll. This is the only ranged attack skill that allows the use of a Full Attack Stance.

Skill: Horsemanship; Emphases: Horse Archery (Agility)(Bugei Skill)
A character with the Horse Archery Skill can fire a bow from the back of a moving horse, and can do so without falling off. A character who knows Yomanri or Kyujutsu, but not Horse Archery, has his TN raised by 10 when firing form the back of a horse; characters that don’t know how to handle a bow at all probably ought to hope for divine intervention.

Craft: Fletchery (Agility)(Merchant Skill)
Fletchery is much like Weaponsmith, but specializes in the art of making arrows. A fletcher can make arrows from small bundles of wood, and from loose branches. This is not considered a Bugei skill as no samurai would make his own arrows.

Bow Types
Dai-kyu Max Draw Strength: 4 Minimum: 3 Range: 500 Ft.
The “long bow.” This bow is seven feet long and designed to be fired from horseback. Samurai that choose to fire a dai-kyu from the ground must add 10 to their TN to hit due to the heftiness of the weapon.

Yumi Max Draw Strength: 3 Range: 250 Ft.
The yumi is designed to be fired while standing. Like the dai-kyu, the yumi is difficult to fire from an unfamiliar position (in this case, horseback). A samurai using a yumi to fire arrows from horseback adds 10 to his TN to hit.

Hankyu Max Draw Strength: 1 Range: 100 Ft.
Smaller than the Yumi, and generally easier to use and carry. Often used by scouts or those who rely on speed and stealth. It is possible to “fastdraw” this weapon with Agility+Kyujutsu roll at a TN of 20. Success indicates that it is a Free Action to ready this weapon; failure leaves it at a Complex Action as usual. A samurai using a Hankyu to fire arrows from horseback adds 10 to his TN to hit.

Shinjo Horsebow Max Draw Strength: 2 Range: 200 Ft.
Designed for ease of use on foot or from horseback. Few outside the Unicorn use this bow due to the Shinjo Family’s unseemly reputation.

Arrow Types
Ya Arrow………………………..2K2
This is the standard arrow.

Armor Piercer Arrow……..2K1
An arrow with a narrow, spiked tip designed for punching through armor. Ignore the target’s armor when calculating the TN to hit. However its narrow head, compared to the Ya arrow, tends to do less damage.

Watakusi Arrow……………..2K3 (Half Range Penalty)
This arrow is known as the “flesh cutter.” It spins as it leaves the bowstring and augers into unprotected flesh. However, against armored targets; doubble the protection that the armor gives when figuring the TN to hit. Against creature armor, if the Carapace Rating is 5 or less, ignore it and roll the dice to hit and for damage normally. If the creature’s Carapace Rating is 6-10 double the value against such an arrow, while those with a Carapace Rating of 11 or greater ignore the arrow all together.

Karimata Arrow…………….1K1 (Half Range Penalty)
The “fork” arrow is a specialized arrow used for cutting through ropes or cords. The point is not very sharp, but the interior curve is sharpened so that it cuts more effectively. Two Free Raises for called shots against inanimate objects.

“Humming Bulb” Arrow…..0K1
A hollow-tipped arrow that whistles as it flies through the air. It is generally used to signal troops. The tip is rarely if ever sharp, and tends to glance off whatever it hits. On the battlefield, this arrow grants a Free Raise for all Battle rolls involving the movement or organization of troops. During an ambush, it can signal to troops that there is trouble ahead.

Readying a Bow
The first round with a bow is crucial. It is a Complex Action to remove it from one’s pack and connect the drawstring. Samurai do not run around with their bows pre-strung, being trained to string them quickly on the field of battle; leaving the bow strung stretches and ruins the drawstring.

Archery Range and Modifiers
A bow can shoot an arrow up to its range without penalty. A bow can be fired up to a maximum distance of twice its listed range, at a -1K0 penalty to hit for each 50 Ft.

Firing at attackers closer than 5’: +10 TN
Firing from a horse without Horse Archery: +10 TN
Firing a Yumi from a horse: +10 TN
Firing a Dai-kyu from the ground: +10 TN
Firing into Melee: +10 TN

The GM may assign additional modifiers based on
visibility, terrain cover, range, etc.
These Modifiers can be cummulative.


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