Character Creation Steps

Step #1
*Choose a Clan and then choose a Family
*Make a roll on the Heritage Table p.153 3rd Ed.
•You may roll on the Heritage Table two additional times for 1 CP per roll

Step #2
*Choose a profession (Bushi or Shugenja)
*Choose the appropriate school available
*Write down your school skills and your Rank 1 Technique (Bushi) or Spells (Shugenja)
Your School sets your starting Honor
Your School sets your starting equipment

Step #3
*All Rings and Traits begin at 2
*Glory begins at 1
*Status begins at 1
*You may now spend 35 Character Points to customize your character as follows:
(True Ronin get 45 CP)
*Raise Trait: 8 CP (When both traits are the same value it raises the Ring to the next Rank)
*Raise Void Ring: 12 CP
*Raise Skill: Cost a number of points equal to the Skills next Rank
(1 to 2 costs 2 CP/ 1 to 3 costs 5 CP)
A skill can never be more than 3 Ranks higher than its related Trait
*Honor adjustment: Raising Honor costs 3 CP Lowering Honor gains 2 CP:
Can only Raise/Lower one Rank

*Disadvantages can be taken to gain additional Character Points, up to a maximum of 10 extra points (additional disadvantages may be taken for no Character points gained)
*Advantages may be purchased up to a 16 point maximum
Advantages have their cost listed in its description

*Determine your Wounds:
Multiply your Earth Ring by 2: this is the level of wounds per box
*Determine Insight
Find sum of all Rings and multiply by 10
Find sum of all Skills
Add those totals together: this is your starting insight
Adjust your insight when these things change, Insight determines your School Rank

Reccommended Spells:
Rank 1 Water: Path to Inner Peace (healing Spell)
Rank 1 Earth: Jade Strike (Shadowlands defense spell)
Recommended Skills:
Sincerity or another social skill is recommended
Battle (there will be mass combat situations)
Defense (the Full Defense combat maneuver cannot be used without at least 1 rank)
Shintao (no Ring or Trait can be higher than 5 unless Shintao is Rank 3 or higher)
Meditation (helpful for replenishing Void)
Be aware if you have a weapon skill, and what weapons it covers

Some of this will be tweeked according to 4th Edition Rules (mostly skill/advantage/disadvantages)

Character Creation Steps

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