Night of Falling Stars

falling_stars.pngThe castle of Shiro no Yojin lies in the eastern edge of the Plains of Battle, just two miles from Shiro sano Kakita, the Kakita Dueling Academy. It is also only a day’s travel from Otosan Uchi, making it one of the most strategically important castles in the Empire.

In 960, Frustrated from years of subtle manipulations by the courtiers of the Crane Clan, the Lion led by Matsu Aigito marched upon Shiro no Yojin. The Crane barricaded themselves within the city’s walls. The siege by the Akodo Legions lasted three weeks. They seemed destined to take the castle from the Daidoji defenders. The Crane were using a network of tunnels to ferry supplies into the city, allowing them to last as long as they did. Matsu Aigito dispatched ronin to find out how the Crane were getting supplied and halt them. They found the tunnels and smoked the Crane out, killing the supply runners. Preferring death over surrender, every man, woman and child leapt from the castle walls into the raging river below. The torches they carried traced fiery trails in the night sky, resembling falling stars.

It is said the ghosts of the castle prevent anyone from occupying the uppermost floor, and that the river below Shiro no Yojin is haunted by the spirits of those who died there. Once a year, on the seventh day of the month of the Snake, the Lion bar the gates to the castle for fear of angry spirits tearing apart the living.

The Lion retaine it, despite the efforts of many Crane officers to take it back over the years.

Night of Falling Stars

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