Shugenja Spell Mechanics

Affinity/ Deficiency
Most Schools are better at learning one element over another. A Shugenja with an Affinity acts as if his Mastery Level (School Rank) is one level higher for a particular element and one level lower for a Deficiency. This applies to all casting rolls and concentration rolls.

Casting A Spell
Roll a number of dice equal to the spells corresponding Element Ring + School Rank; Keep dice equal to the Ring vs. Target Number (TN) of 10 + (Spell’s Mastery Level x 5)
Casting Time is equal to the Mastery Level of the spell in Rounds as a Complex Action.
Casting Time can be reduced by taking a Raise ( -1 Round per Raise; cannot reduce to less than 1 Round)

Injury or distraction while casting requires a concentration check of Ring + School Rank (modified for Affinity or Deficiency); Keep Ring vs. TN of damage dealt (or Willpower vs. TN 10 for distraction), or the spell is ruined, and the spell slot is lost.

Innate Spell Abilities
A spell can be learned without the use of a spell scroll (memorized) by spending a number of experience points equal to the spells Mastery Level.

An Innate spell can be cast with the use of a scroll, gaining a Free Raise.

An Innate Spell can be transcribed to a scroll with an Intelligence + Calligraphy (Clan Ciper) vs. a TN of the spells Mastery Level x 10.

Some spells are easy to master: Sense, Commune, Summon are considered Innate spells for all Shugenja.

Spell Slots
Spells cast per day are limited to their corresponding Ring. These are referred to as Spell Slots. A Spell Slot can be renewed by spending a Void Point. Void Spell Slots can be used to cast spells of any element. OR
A shugenja may call three Raises on a Spell Casting Roll to cast the spell
without expending a spell slot. This can only be attempted if the shugenja
still has spell slots in the appropriate Ring available.

After a full night sleep all Spell Slots are regained, or one Spell Slot of each Ring may be regained after an hour of Meditation; Void + Meditation vs. TN of 15.

Learning a Spell
Spells can only be learned if their Mastery Level is equal to or less than the Shugenja’s School Rank.

Two new spells are granted at every Insight Rank (character level).

Spells may be acquired during game play by other methods (this is very rare).

Casting in the Shadowlands
An attempt to cast a spell within the Shadowlands requires a TN 10 + Spell Mastery Level VS. Willpower + School Rank (keep Ring). Success indicates that a kami can be found to perform the spell, failure means a kansen has answered the call… unless you want to use a kansen, then no roll is required.

All Spell TN’s cast in the Shadowlands are increased by +5 per Mastery Level.

Sacrificial Magic
Sacrificial magic is an occurrence that takes place when a shugenja
knowingly gives up his life to dramatically increase the effects of a spell
that is being cast. Once this decision has been made, it cannot be reversed;
the shugenja will die when the spell is concluded, and cannot be
resurrected under any circumstances. The mechanical results of this decision are as follows:

 You gain a number of Free Raises on your Spell Casting Roll equal
to your Shugenja School Rank x 2.
 You gain a number of additional Void Points equal to twice your
Shugenja School Rank. These bonus Void Points may exceed your
normal maximum, and are not subject to the normal rule limiting
Void Point expenditure to one per Round. These bonus Void
Points may only be used on the Spell Casting Roll.
 You may double any one numerical aspect of the spell being cast.
This may be the duration, range, area of effect, damage, number of
targets, or any other aspect deemed suitable by the GM.

Shugenja Spell Mechanics

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