Status Mechanics

What is status? It is formalized recognition by your superiors. For some samurai, status is a justified reward for years of loyal service, allowing for them to live long, fruitful, relaxed lives.

Status is the most difficult to come by of the three traits. It can never be ‘earned’ by your actions, like Honor and Glory. Status can ONLY be granted, and by those whom you serve. Your lord can grant you status, while one from another clan cannot. When dealing with samurai of your Family and Clan, a samurai must obey anyone of higher rank than them. When dealing with more than one individual, the orders of the highest ranking member takes precedence. Guests in another lord’s home, even outside their Clan, also tend to follow orders, not because they are required to, but due to polite manners (else, they mind find the lord’s hospitality revoked). Imperial Families have control over anyone they outrank, and extremely high-ranking individuals in the empire, such as the Emerald Champion, have authority over anyone of lower rank (the Emperor has the highest status and has authority over EVERYONE). When dealing with samurai to which you hold no allegiance, you are under no obligation to obey them. A high ranking Crane bushi cannot order around a low ranking Lion bushi. However, the Lion should still show respect to the Crane, because he is technically his superior. Disobeying your superior can lead to Honor loss (from 1 point to 1 rank, depending on the severity). Whether or not the superior’s orders are dishonorable is not a factor here; disobedience is disobedience, and can also lead to demotions of status by one’s lord. If you have conflicting orders from two superiors, there is no honor or status loss for obeying the higher ranking one. If both superiors are of equal rank, obey one of them as best you can. This might create a personality conflict between you and the slighted one, but there will be no punishment for your duty.

Status 10: Emperor
Status 9.9: Empress
Status 9.5: Voice of the Emperor
Status 9.4: Emperor’s Children
Status 9.3: Imperial Family Daimyo (Miya, Otomo, Seppun)
Status 9: Imperial Chancellor, Imperial Advisor, Emerald Champion, Jade Champion, Shogun
Status 8: Great Clan Champion
Status 7.5: Minor Clan Champion
Status 7: Rikugunshokan (General), Great Clan Family Daimyo, Imperial Treasurer, Imperial Herald
Status 6.5: First Magistrate
Status 6: Shireikan (Commander) Hatamoto (Daimyo’s Chief Retainer), Provincial Governor, Chief Magistrate
Status 5: Vassal Family Daimyo, Taisa (Captain), City Governor, Head Sensei, Ambassador, Senior Emerald or Jade Magistrate
Status 4.7: Karo (Chief Advisor to a Lord)
Status 4.5: Dai-Gunso (Master Sergeant)
Status 4: Senior Clan Magistrate, Senior Sensei, Chui (Lieutenant), Senior Diplomat, Emerald or Jade Magistrate
Status 3: Gunso (Sergeant), Diplomat, Sensei, Junior Emerald or Jade Magistrate, Clan Magistrate
Status 2: Shisha (Imperial Messenger), Junior Diplomat, Junior Sensei, Gokenin (Estate Manager), Nikutai (Corporal), Emerald or Jade Yoriki, Junior Clan Magistrate
Status 1.5: Brotherhood Abbot, Dai-Hohei (Private First Class), Political Aide
Status 1: Typical Brotherhood Monk, Average Samurai, Hohei (Private), Yoriki, Assistant Sensei

Lifestyle = Status Rank

Lifestyle 0 – (Only Ronin)
You sleep in the streets or the wilds. Your clothes are generally dirty and worn. You generally have to pay for your own meals and take up work to pay for them. You own very little outside of what you can carry.

Lifestyle 1
You have a small room or an area within a barracks to lay out your futon with a closet or trunk for your belongings. You have a clean set of clothes in good condition. Your meals are modest (rice, vegetables, simple fish dishes, tea) but by saving you can enjoy some small luxuries each month (a few bottles of sake, a few candies or cakes, a day’s worth of pipe tobacco, ect).

Lifestyle 2
You have either a two room apartment or a small one room house. You own a few kimonos, including one that you use for special occasions (such as court or festivals). While still modest for most meals, you can afford a more extravagant meal once a month and small luxuries once a week.

Lifestyle 3
You have a three room apartment or a small two room house. You own several kimonos and accessories, all of them well tended for court and social functions. Your meals may feature two to three dishes to choose from, allowing for extravagant meals once a week, and you can afford small luxuries several times a week.

Lifestyle 4
You have a medium-sized house and some servants who keep it clean and orderly. You have a small wardrobe of clothing to fit any occasion. You meals generally have three to four dishes to choose from, and you can afford small luxuries daily.

Lifestyle 5 – (Clan Samurai Cap)
You have a medium-sized house with a properly-tended garden. Your clothing and accessories are of the finest quality. Your meals are generally extravagant on a daily basis with access to finer luxuries as prominent sake labels, rare tea blends or other rare luxuries.

Lifestyle 6 – (Imperial Cap)
You have a medium-sized house with a second story and a properly-tended garden. All of your clothes are of the latest fashion. You can afford to entertain guests during your meals with regularity.

Lifestyle 7
You have a large-sized house with a second story, a properly-tended garden and an accessory building such as a personal dojo or shrine. All of your clothes and accessories mark you as one of the most elaborate guests at a social gathering. You have access to additional fine luxuries, having a larger personal store.

Lifestyle 8
You have small-sized yashiki to include a beautiful garden and two accessory buildings. You likely have a personal tailor who attends your tastes in clothing and a personal cook who gets you the finest and freshest ingredients from the market.

Lifestyle 9
You have a medium-sized yashiki to include a large garden tended by a famous gardener and three accessory buildings or areas. You have a full staff of servants and likely a small detachment of guards to protect your estate when you are home and away.

Lifestyle 10
You have a large-sized yashiki to include a very illustrious and popular garden and likely up to five accessory buildings or areas. You have a personal attendant to assist you, no doubt attributed to your station and breadth of responsibilities.

Status Mechanics

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