Hida Jukudo

A Crab samurai that prefers the crack of a tetsubo over the elegance of a katana.


Jukudo has sworn to travel with Kuni Motoman on a secret mission that was tasked to them by a greasy Kuni Witch Hunter who called himself Kuni Nisei.

Their journey has taken them to Tsuma City during the Topaz Championship, located in Crane Lands, along the Crane-Lion Border. There they are to find a dangerous object and recover it from The Merchant House of the Exotic, a Unicorn Clan holding.

Jukudo has not been his usual self since leaving the Lands of the Scorpion Clan. He has given into excess, and conduct unbecoming of a samurai. Though known to be a drinker, he has never been this bad.


Hida Jukudo

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