Kuni Motoman

A direct descendant of Kuni Osaku, who sacrificed herself to keep the army of The Maw at bay during the Battle of the Cresting Wave, Kuni Motoman is known among the Crab Clan, and holds the military rank of Gunso (Sergeant).


Hiruma Bushi School Rank 1

Rank 1: Torch’s Flame Flickers
When in Attack Stance, gain a bonus of + 1K0 to all attack rolls. Additionally, your skill at survival can make all food, water, and jade rations last twice as long for a number of people equal to your Hunting Skill Rank.

HONOR: 4.5
GLORY: 1.0 (3.0 Among the Crab Clan)

Earth 3
Stamina 3
Willpower 3
Air 2
Reflexes 2
Awareness 2
Water 2
Strength 2
Perception 2
Fire 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 3
Void 2

Kyujutsu 1 REF
Iaijutsu 1 REF
Kenjutsu 2 AGL
Athletics 1 VAR
Hunting 2 PER
Lore: Shadowlands 3 INT
Stealth 1 AGL
Lore: Shintao 1 INT
Investigation 1 PER

Bland- Unremarkable in every regard. You may choose to increase your TN to be noticed by 10 against any Bushido Lore, Honor Rank, Heraldry, or Glory checks.

Blood of Osano-Wo – The bloodline of Hida Osano-Wo is strong within you. Immune to any penalties or damage from natural weather conditions. If suffering damage from a spell that employs natural forces reduce that damage by 1K1.

Crab Hands- You possess a natural affinity for weapons of all kinds. Any Unskilled Rolls when using a Weapons Skill are considered to have 1 Rank in that weapon Skill.

Sacred Weapon- Kaiu Blade: 3K3 Katana that is unbreakable and gives -2 to a targets Armor Reduction.

Quick Healer- Stamina is considered to be two Ranks higher when recovering Wounds.

Consumed- Perfection: Any Skill or Spell Casting roll is made at one extra Raise for no effect, or the roll automatically fails.

Bad Fortune- Lingering Misfortune: At some point you will fail an extremely important dice roll in a very spectacularly disastrous fashion. The GM decides, and nothing can overcome it or circumvent it.

To Hit:




Kuni Motoman

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